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melanie's thoughts. [entries|friends|calendar]
through the eyes of a misfit...

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[24 Aug 2007|05:40pm]
i do not know how to express my emotions.
i feel as if i'm reliving my experience on that double flip, double corkscrew roller coaster.
i'm scared yet elated at once.
i feel lonely but i know its only temporary.
i'm going to miss seeing my best friend every single day.

two years and six months. thank-you vegas for making it a wonderful occasion.


[29 Jul 2005|09:49am]
solely for my memory.

he took me to the park by his house as the time neared 11pm.
he laid next to me as we looked up at the vast sky.

i finally saw my first shooting star.
amaz6ng intuition

[17 May 2005|08:15pm]

the post which seems to be filling the majority of our journals; the inevitable prom post.
last saturday, may 14th was prom, the day begun for me bright and early. the clock struck 6:40 and i was on my way out the door toward los angeles; i was going to plant a mass amount of vegetation at a battered women's shelter, i loved it. it wasn't until i was nearly half way done that i realized what i was doing, and how much my actions were helping to put a smile across the young children's faces. they were amazing and i'd love to go back.
now is the time i would like to fast forward, unfortunately. the details matter the most to me but i know i'll never forget my schedule from when i arrived home- to my departure.
i arrived at jason's house by 5:30, quickly changed and we made our way to jacob's to take an amount of pictures. my brother came, it was lovely seeing everyone so beautiful and/or handsome.
the night had surpassed my expectations; the people, the place, the drive, the date. everything was remarkable and i wouldn't change a second of it, there is nothing i'd wish to change. as much as i regret saying it, the night finally came to an end and i wasn't ready for that. all that madness, all the preparation, the stress, everything; gone. i miss it. i remember when it was a month previous to the day that i was looking for the dress, the stress had begun but now is just a distant memory.
the date, three months. wonderful.

i wish i could precisely recall every detail of the night, but the only thing that keeps pounding in my mind is the words of a friend;
"melanie, every time i saw you, you were so happy."
and thats the truth; my most vivid memory is, throughout the whole night i carried a grin across my face and i promise i wont ever regret a thing from that night because hell i don't.

cliff note route: jacob's, party bus, arrived @ biltmore in west l.a., hookah bar, jacob/ilan/jacob'S, sunday; jason's, men's warehouse, noah's bagels, jacob's, calabasas commons, jason's, home.


amaz13ng intuition

what do you want? [14 Feb 2005|10:52pm]

i looked at the clock and it read eight-fifty.

you know the drill. [23 May 2004|07:34pm]
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amaz164ng intuition

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